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Custom Neon Signs

- Low Energy Consumption
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Unleash Creativity to Custom Neon Lights

Custom logo neon signs in all kinds of places: gyms, drink shops, shopping malls, and more. Custom neon lights can add color to your business, and events and attract more people's attention. Let our custom neon light create a great atmosphere in your space!

Don't worry that you don't have a good idea for designing custom neon lights, we have a professional team to provide you with ideas. We will assist you in repeatedly changing the design draft until you are really satisfied.

Popular Neon Signs Series

Neon Signs for Party

Party Neon Signs

Studio Neon Signs

Studio Neon Signs

Gym Neon Signs

Gym Neon Signs

Birthday Neon Signs

Birthday Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs                for You

Need something special to help your business or event further enhance the experience? Choose our customizable neon signs, we are very experienced no matter the occasion and style. Allow us to brighten your space perfectly. has always put customer satisfaction first, from the moment you start contacting us to the moment we provide you with high-quality custom products, you will enjoy every moment of working with us.

Make Your Own Neon Sign in 3 Steps

get a neon sign free quote

Step 1: Get a Free Quote

The first step towards making high-range Custom Neon Signs is planning the design. Click the Request for Quote button and our team will review it and give you a quote.

customiz neon signs

Step 2: Customiz It

After you have selected your design options, we will provide you with the final proof and start making your neon signs. It will be carefully packaged and delivered to your door for free within 2-3 weeks.

get neon signs

Step 3: Get It

After receiving your neon signs, the only thing you have to do is hang it up, plug it in, and light it up. Our products are super light and easy to install.

The Coolest, Most unique Neon & Led Neon

Modern Led Neon Signs

Modern Led Neon Signs

The best selling sign on the market today, with premium LED lights, an acrylic back, and waterproof. Whether it's a company name, logo, or brand art, these striking signs are super easy to install.

UV Printed Neon Signs

UV Printed Neon Signs

UV printing is a high-tech ultraviolet printing technology that cures the ink while printing. When combined with our modern LED neon lights, it creates a colorful and spectacular sign that will grab the attention of any potential client.

Animated Neon Signs

Animated Neon Signs

Animated Neon! We provide you with discolored, and flickering light up sign. This is an irresistible focus for consumers. Not limited to traditional square or rectangular neon signs, many custom shapes can be created.

Neon Signs We Made

Neon Business Signs Outdoor
Wedding Neon Signs
Custom Made Neon Signs
Custom Neon Signs Near Me
Custom Neon Light Signs
Custom Logo Neon Signs
Custom Neon Lighting
Custom Neon Signs Cheap

Common Ask Question

Q: What type of neon do you have?

Outdoor neon signs, commercial neon signs, and wedding neon signs are all our business scope, we even provide UV printing and LED neon sign services.

Q: Are your neon lights waterproof?

Our standard neon lights are suitable for indoor use, so are not waterproof. If you have waterproof needs, you can buy our outdoor neon lights.

Q: Does your design limit the number of times?

Don't worry, our designs are completely free. Our design team will get in touch with you to repeatedly change the design artwork to your heartfelt satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Design Team

Excellent Design Team

We know the importance of innovation and guaranteed quality in custom products, so we have our independent design team. They match your order to the quality you expect.

Eenergy Saving

Eenergy Saving

State-of-the-art neon technology is refined, durable, and easy to install. Long lifespan of 100,000 hours, low energy consumption, no heat, and no noise.

Price Guarantee

Price Guarantee offers you the most reasonable price. Our biggest goal is to make high-quality neon lights for you at the most convincing price.


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